Makita LS1013FL

Makita LS1013FL 15 Amp 10-Inch Dual Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw with Laser and Fluorescent Light

(An upgrade from the Makita LS1013 and the same as the Makita LS1013F except for the fluorescent light)


  • Soft start for more controlled operation

    Makita LS1013FL sliding miter saw

  • Electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load
  • Dual steel rails with linear ball bearings give stable and accurate cutting
  • 9 positive stops at 15, 22.5, 30, 45 degrees left or right for the most common miter cuts
  • Powerful direct drive 15 Amp motor doesn’t slip or bog down
  • Laser and Fluorescent Light
  • Two extension wings
  • Hold-down vise
  • Dust collection bag
  • 70-tooth carbide-tipped saw blade
  • Blade wrench
  • Triangular rule
  • 1 year warranty


Well you’ve probably gathered the FL stands for the fluorescent light that has been added to the former Makita LS1013. This is flexible allowing you to illuminate wherever you want it to. Make sure you don’t leave the bulb on when not needed, as it becomes quite warm. You also want to maintain the life of the bulb, although Makita states that it will last for around 2,000 hours.

The second main addition Makita have made to the LS1013 miter saw is the laser that has been added above the blade. This produces a clear cutting line to follow, making your work safe and accurate.

Helpfully on this model, the laser is not attached to the arbor, meaning you don’t have to have the saw itself switched on, to be able to have the laser on.

Another addition on the LS1013 FL is a shorter lockdown handle. This feature prevents the saw from being bent when in transit.

Apart from being a compound miter saw enabling you to make bevel cuts, or compound-angle cuts (essential for cutting crown molding), as well as miter cuts, the Makita LS1013-FL 10 inch saw has a larger than average work table that rotates 52 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left. This heavy duty slide compound miter saw can also tilt 45 degrees both left and right, enabling the user to make bevel cuts at either end of a workpiece without needing to turn the piece around.

The Makita LS1013FL saw’s carriage can slide on two precision rails fitted with ball bearing guides to ensure stability and accuracy. The dual slides provide a smooth-rolling saw, free from vibration that can produce consistent, precise cuts, anywhere along the slide mechanism.

To find a saw better than this one you will pay in excess of $1,600, so the Makita LS1013FL has got to be the winner in this price range.

4-5star4.5 stars

Paul Hearst, Admin

If you want to buy the Makita LS1013FL, Amazon have it on sale through this link.

Additional Reviews:

This is an exellent saw. I’m on my third makita compound saw and have never had any trouble. All four of my kids and my brother use it as well as myself, so it pretty much gets a good hammering every day. The carbide tipped blades can cut through pretty much anything.
Michael Fisher, Crystal Lake, IL

When I bought the original Makita LS1013 I was quite a novice and this saw was recommended to me. I thought I would be using it once in a blue moon, but I actually used it all the time because I ended up carrying out practically the whole neighborhood’s carpentry and molding requirements! And it always worked great each time. I now have the new LS1013FL model and it is just as good as ever. I would highly recommend this Makita to anyone.
Henry Dean, Gatesville, TX

Makita miter saw being used
Here is the makita saw, which is great for doing trim work and crown and shelving. I have it set up on the sawhelper stand as advertised in finehomebuilding.
K R McMahon

Here is another review from a guy who has used several Makita LS1013 saws:

The Makita LS 1013FL has great lineage! I bought the original LS1013 (no laser, no fluorescent light) years ago and it has been a rock solid performer, cutting everything from trim to deck framing. Through it all, that saw never needed one day in a repair shop…

Review paraphrased for size – View original review here

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